“The stairs must be swept from above”

“It always starts with thinking” …

I like to be inspired by poets and mastermind. As well as in this video by Götz W. Werner, founder of the dm drugstore and successful entrepreneur as well as professor in entrepreneurship, in which he gave a speech about the most decisive of an action. Namely our thinking! Our thoughts influence our lives and what we want to achieve.

Götz W. Werner is a mastermind and describes himself as a “word fetishist”. For the semantics as well as the terms we use are decisive for our thoughts and feelings. And that we feel moves us to actions. This is followed by our results.

To acquire this awareness requires exercise and will. The passion to go new ways is the origin of our thinking and our thoughts.

That is why he said in his speech “The stair has to be swept from above” as everything comes from our mind, so it begins with our thoughts.

Already Albert Einstein once said

“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that caused them.”

We can accept problems with new ideas and find new ways to solve them.

Similarly, in companies, many executives believe they must lead people.


“Leading means not leading people – leading means to lead the awareness”

to give you meaning for your work so that you can motivate yourself intrinsically.

I can only recommend a few speeches by Götz W. Werner. The man speaks a poetic language and sees things from a different angle.

I hope the video you can still enjoy. Unfortunately, there is no English subtitle.

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