Recognize winner at the start – loser too

I admit, I am a slow but intense reader. In this case, inspired by Dieter Lange book, I have read many interesting passages.

In fact, our first mindset about a new thing, such as making a decision or setting a new life goal, can be crucial to the next steps. But how do you do that?

The rule: Taking distance!

Before each new step, it is advisable to step back to take two steps forward!

Dieter Lange left his responsible position as a marketing manager and he spent a lot of time traveling all over the world. He wanted to gain new insights for himself, because of his future, and finally to be able to follow successfully the new path.

In his book, he uses many individual personal stories to explain each person to reflect on his or her mindset. After all, every step we choose or take, is crucial to our mindset towards the matter.

What do you think?

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